About us

Peter Lee has been in business selling and repairing hearing aids since 1978 when he was originally licensed to fit hearing aids. This was also when he started working at Groves Hearing Aid Service in Corvallis. The following year, he purchased the business from the owner (changing the name to Valley Home Health Aids) and opened a second office in Lebanon and. In 1981, as the owner of Valley Home Health Aids, Peter started manufacturing hearing aids himself in addition to fitting them. He wanted to be able to provide quick service to his customers without ordering the hearing aids from a faraway company. That same year he also sold the Lebanon office to focus on his customers in Corvallis. In 2007 Peter sold the Covallis office (then called Lee Electronics) to NW Speech and Hearing and two years later he purchased Ron Whitelaw's office in Lebanon and changed the name to Peak Hearing Systems.

Peter has always put the customer first and wants to make your experience finding the right hearing aid a comfortable one. He repairs some hearing aids in his office in order to save you time and money so you don't have to wait for the repair to get back from a lab in another state. He offers personalized service and above all wants you to be happy with your hearing aids.